India offers debt of $200 million to Rwanda

Kaigali Jul 24:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his foreign trip to Rwanda discusses with Rwanda President Ruling President Paul Kagame on bilateral ties in defense, trade and agriculture.

Later on, India announced a US$200 million loan assistance to Rwanda.

This being the first visit by the Prime Minister, had a discussion with President Paul Kagame and said that India shall launch operations in Rwanda soon.

“The high commission will be opened in Rwanda, which will be able to communicate between the two governments and provide embassies, passport, visas and other facilities, “Modi told a joint press conference.

He said that India and Rwandan relations were in the test for time and that India would support Rwanda’s economic development.

The two leaders who participated in the negotiations with trade, investment capabilities, and participation in development. He signed a bilateral relationship agreement on defence, trade and agriculture.

The first stage of India’s Industrial Development Park and the Kaigali Special Economic Zone a 100 million dollars  would be allocated, and in the second phase 100 million dollars would be supported for  agriculture

Rwanda President Paul Kagame said that the Prime Minister’s visit to Rwanda was a new milestone in cooperation with Rwanda.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Rwanda on the first trail of the trip to three African countries and was welcomed by him at the airport” said Foreign Affairs spokesman Ravish Kumar.

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