David Headley is neither in Hospital nor in Chicago

Washington July 25: Headley’s lawyer claims that he is neither in hospital nor in Chicago.

Headley, a Chicago-based prisoner, has been reportedly admitted to the ICU of the Chicago Hospital, where he was severely injured in a fight in the jail.

Headley’s lawyer John Thees responded “I cannot confirm about his whereabouts, but he is neither in Chicago nor in the hospital”

“I am in constant contact with Headley and there is no basis for Indian media reports.”

On July 8, two co-accused in the jail held a deadly attack on Headley, and since then he was said to be at the hospital’s intensive care unit.

More than 160 people were killed in the 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai. Headley, the main accused, was sentenced to 35 years in prison by a US court.

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