Diabetes – A Problem of Life Style

Diabetes mellitus (Commonly known as Diabetes) has become an epidemic and a major health problem in today’s society. Life style changes and urbanization are the two main reasons for diabetes to have escalated.

It is estimated that there are around 150 million people with diabetes worldwide, now, and it’s going to reach more than 350 million by the year 2025. It has also been forecasted that India is going to be the world capital for diabetes.

Why India???? The reason being the so called villages previously are no more villages, towns are no longer towns and semi urban, no longer semi urban but minor cities and cities have become modern cities.

There’s a lot of infiltration from villages and towns towards cites for better job prospects and higher standards of living. This in turn has led to congestion in the cities. People who used to walk for purchase of groceries and vegetables are now using two – wheelers and four – wheelers and door delivery facilities, because of their improved standards of living. Also exercise, which was a part of the individual’s life style, has become absent these days, which has led to increase in obesity rates.

As the standard of living of an individual improves, the stress on an individual in the office also increases to achieve the given targets in a limited time. This has also led to change in eating habits (untimely food). Few studies have shown that stress also increases diabetes irrespective of genetic inheritance, obesity and physical inactivity.

If the same trend continues then the rates of obesity and other heart diseases along with hypertension can be seen at an early age in the years to come. The reason for the above could probably be attributed to both the parents working in high profile jobs. It is assumed that such parents are not finding sufficient time to spend with their wards and are being taken care of either by grandparents or by paid Guardians. This in turn leads to excess of eating at will without supervision. Also simultaneously when the parents have time, they do lot of outings or take their children to fast food joints or pizza joints. This leads to excess calorie intake and obesity ultimately, pre – disposing them to DM at young age.

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