Maratha Reservation Protest: Mumbai Bandh

MUMBAI: The Bombay Bandh  has been called by the Maratha community demanding a moratorium on government jobs and education.

Due to Bandh, life has been disrupted in areas dominated by the Maratha community. The road has been blocked from the morning at various areas.

Activists of the Sakala Maratha Samaj and Maratha Revolution Morcha organizations are protesting on the streets of Navi Mumbai, Penevel. The police have said that the two buses were stoned by the protesters

Police have ensured extensive security in all areas of the city.

A series of protests are being held in different parts of Maharashtra and protests have been severe. The protester Kokashabe Shinde (27), a resident of Kurnad village in Aurangabad district had jumped to the river Godavari on Monday raising the intensity of the protests.

Shivasena Activist Sinde’s suicide triggered massive protest making the Maratha fighters call for Maharashtra bundh. Aurangabad was the center of fighting. The protests have now spread to various parts of the state.

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