Strengthen your Back

About 80% of adult population suffer from back pain at least once in their lifetime. Back Pain is also the leading cause of disability, missed work and doctor visits. The human back is composed of a complex structure of muscles, ligaments, tendons, disks and bones. Problems with any of these components can lead to back pain. In some cases of back pain, its cause is never found.


The most common is simply muscle tension. Anxiety can drastically increase muscle tension, which in turn increases pain. Since the back contains a variety of muscles that are known to tense during stress, this can lead to mild to severe back pain in both the upper and lower back.

Strengthen your back

Strengthening of back muscles through dynamic deep wave therapy play a major role in helping recover from back pain and preventing or minimising future recurrences of back pain. Dynamic deep wave stimulation (DDWS) therapy combines dynamic simulations with heat therapy thereby providing a comprehensive package for complete rehabilitation of back musculature. With a treatment of 8-10 sessions each of 20 —40 minutes one can experience intense muscle training, strengthened back, significant pain relief and a deep relaxation.

The dynamic deep wave therapy offers multi-dimensional back treatment by means of a complex waves which are delivered to the back thereby reaching deep layers of musculature which enables strengthening of entire back musculature in addition to pain relief.

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