Will Rahul Gandhi’s lose his Prime Minister’s Position?

New Delhi, July 25: Rahul Gandhi was previously declared  as the prime ministerial candidate for the 2019 elections in the recently concluded Congress Executive Committee (CWC) meeting. But the party today has been making plans to change it.

Party sources said the Congress is likely to accept the non-Congress and regional party-led leaders as prime ministerial candidates. If the Congress-backed grand alliance in the Lok Sabha has a majority, the party will discuss with the coalition on the prime ministerial candidate. The Congress is more concerned about building a coalition, and it is said that the AICC is ready to compromise on the Prime Minister’s candidate to cooperate with non-BJP parties.

Presently, the Congress’s main priority is to quit the BJP-led government rather than the leadership. The Congress and the Left have expressed confidence that the opposition parties will get more seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as many parties are seeking to join the Grand Alliance.

On the other hand, the Congress has to compromise on the prime ministerial candidate, with Mamata Banerjee of the TMC, the BSP’s Mayawati and the SP and RJD getting more strength in the alliance.

The Congress is estimated to be able to get 22 per cent seats in the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states. It has come to the fore with the TDP and the Shiv Sena’s proposals against the BJP.

The Congress has decided to join other parties to support the majority of the parties to defeat the BJP and make it difficult for saffron party to come back to power.

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