Congress-BSP pact makes BJP to worry in MP

The ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh is bound to worry if the on-going efforts for a pre-poll pact between Congress and BSP takes a positive turn. The findings of pre-poll survey conducted by Spic Media Network says that it is easy for BJP to win for the consecutive fourth period in the state, if both Congress and BSP contests separately.

If both Congress and BSP fighting separately, the survey says that the BJP would sail through with a majority of 147/130 seats among total number of 230 seats in the state assembly.  However, if BJP is forced to face with a Congress-BSP alliance, its seat tally falls to 126/130, a thin-majority of 10 seats.

Like-wise, in Lok Sabha polls, the Congress-BSP combine is bound to reduce BJP’s tally from 26 seats it had won in 2014 out of a total seats of 29, to 16 seats. In any way, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan seems to be having some edge against his political opponents

However, still Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen as most popular leader among voters of the state. Modi is seen as most attractive leader with 41 per cent support, followed by Rahul Gandhi in second place with a meager 9.72 per cent support.


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