Rahul’s forced hug to be Congress campaign

The Congress Party is on the move to make the photograph of party chief Rahul Gandhi’s `forced hug’ with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a major instrument of party’s poll campaign during coming months.

The party’s poll strategists are expecting that this photo is helpful to project the hug as representing its president’s way of demonstrating love and forgiveness, in contrast to the PM’s hate speeches mocking and haranguing the Gandhi family.

Rahul Gandhi has been painting that Prime Minister Modi and the RSS are trapped in anger and hate which has led to a sense of fear and intolerance in the country.

Moreover, the Congress wants to emphases that while the PM listens to nobody, believing he always knows best, Rahul is keen to take the conversation forward by listening to the views of all sections of society.

Rahul Gandhi has expressed his anguish over the rising atrocities against Dalits and minority communities in BJP-ruled states, particularly in Uttar Pradesh. He asked his party leaders and workers to reach out to the victims of ‘mindless violence’ insinuated by hate speeches made by BJP leaders, and to support the victims publicly.

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