BJP’s dilema over seperate North Karnataka stir

The BJP, which failed in forming its own government in Karnataka, two months ago, just for want of seven more MLAs, is now locked up with dilema with growing demand for seperate North Karnataka state. While admitting that injustice was done to this region with regard to developmental activiteis, the state BJP has taken a firm stand to reject seperate statehood demand in total.

However, the party was put in ackward situation when its resourceful MLA Sriramulu is supporting this demand openly and also associating with few Kannada organisations, who have given a call for bandh in the region on August 2, in support of their demand. He was expcected to become Deputy Chief Minister, had BJP suceeded in forming its own government in recent polls.

The BJP leadership is more worried due to Sriramulu’s proximity with `mining king’ Gali Janardhana Reddy. Sriramulu even went to the extend of to resign as MLA in support of statehood demand, though this step was intended to contest in forthcoming Lok Sabha polls from Ballaery as BJP candidate.

Meanwhhile, Karnataka BJP President B S Yeddyurappa accused that the JDS was responsible for stoking the demand for separate North Karnataka state to strengthen its base in southern parts of the state.  “The JDS knows it cannot win elections and taste power, if the state is united, as it has a presence only in some pockets of South Karnataka,” he said.

On the otherhand, Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has blamed BJP for fuelling the issue after realising its futility to get them political dividends. Former chief minister Siddaramaiah lamented that the demand for separate statehood for the region was being made by people who have not understood the meaning of a unified Karnataka.

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