Imran Khan to invite Modi for oath-taking

In a major `diplomatic coup’, Pakistan’s Prime Minister in-waiting Imran Khan is making moves to invite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his his oath-taking ceremony scheduled to be held next week.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PIT), led by 65-year-old Khan, has emerged as the single largest party in the National Assembly after the July 25 elections, but it is still short of numbers to form the government on its own. He has announced yesterday that he would oath as Prime Minister on August 11.

AS it was widely projected that Imran Khan was backed by Pakistan’s army, which is believed to be coming on the way for normalizing relations between two neighbors – India and Pakistan, many feared that his election would further complicate relations between two countries.

However, taking clue from Modi’s sensational move of inviting heads of SAARC countries for his oath taking ceremony in May, 2014, now he is also indicating similar interest. According to PIT sources, the core committee of  party is considering inviting the SAARC heads including Modi and a decision on this is expected shortly.

PTI leadership has termed last night’s Modi’s telephone call to Khan on his victory in the 2018 polls a welcoming sign to begin a new chapter in relations between the two countries. As Khan is struggling in Pakistan’s political areana since 22 years and finally succeeded in reaching to his desired destination, his first and far-most task should be to resolve economic mess in the country, for which he is badly needed `peace’ with India.

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