85 people injured in Aeromexico flight crash

At least 85 people were injured after an Aeromexico flight crashed on take-off during a heavy hail storm in northern Mexico, engulfing the plane in flames.

According to Mexico’s transport minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza the Embraer 190 aircraft, which was operating between Durango and Mexico City, crashed around 4pm local time (21:00 GMT), “with 97 passengers and four crew members on board.”

“It is confirmed that there have been no deaths from the flight #AM2431 accident,” tweeted Jose Rosas, the governor of Durango state where the crash happened yesterday.

Though there are some “serious injuries” , the majority are “very light”. Dozens of lightly injured passengers were seen leaving the plane, which was engulfed in gray smoke in a field.

Forty-nine were hospitalized while the rest were allowed to go home. Though the fire started after the emergency landing, officials said that fortunately no one suffered burns. In July 1981, an Aeromexico flight crashed on landing in northern Chihuahua due to bad weather, killing 32.

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