Complaint against Mamata’s `civil war’ comments

A police complaint has been filed against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata benerjee at Naharkatiya Police Station in Assam’s Dibrugarhdistrict, over her `civil war’ comments. It may be recalled that she cautioned that the National register of Citizens (NRC) might lead to a civil war and there will be bloodshed. She also accused that members of minorities and dalit communities are being driven out of the country.

The complaint has been filed by a BJP Yuva Morcha leader. Police sources said that the complaint would be referred to theri Guwahati headquarters. After filing the complaint, a local BJP youth wing leader said that Banerjee need not worry about Assam. “Bengalis live more peacefully here than they do in West Bengal. What she is saying is unfounded. She is leveling baseless allegation against the Assam Chief Minister,” added.

Mamata, while speaking at an event in New Delhi yesterday, said, “What happened in Jharkhand (child trafficking involving Missionaries of Charities), incidents of lynching, atrocities against Dalits and Muslims… we don’t support this. If it goes on like this, don’t you think it will create a civil war and lead to bloodbath?”

Meanwhile, amid row over Assam’s citizens’ list, the Modi government has told the Supreme Court that it is contemplating taking bio-metrics details of over 40 lakh people, whose names did not figure in the final NRC draft, to avoid their influx to other states on false identity.

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