Belagavi to be second capital of Karnataka !

To put an end to growing demand for seperate statehood for North Karnataka region, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy is proposing to make Belagavi city as second capital of Karnataka. He is worry that the statehood agitation is turning into political, as several political leaders from BJPand Congress in that region are supporting the demand openly.

Though the demand is an old one, its revival ahead of the Lok Sabha polls early next year is making the political parties jittery. Kumaraswamy also plans to hold a meeting of North Karnataka representatives to discuss the development plans soon.

Holding elaborate discussions with officials and also leaders from that region, Chief Minister is also of the view that every year one assembly sessions also may be held in Belagavi on the lines of Maharashtra assemlby meeting in Nagapur and Jammu and Kashmir assembly is meeting in Jammu.

In fact, when he was leading BJP-JDS alliance in 2006, with his initiative the assembly passed a resolution seeking Belagavi to be made as second capital of the state. However, that resolution was kept in dark after he lost power.

The ‘north-south’ divide in Karnataka has been a contentious issue since the unification of the state, as people of 13 districts in North Karnataka have felt short-changed owing to regional disparity and Bengaluru-centric politics. These districts were merged from earstwhile Maharashtra and Hyderabad states.

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