Add human angle in welfare programmes: Andhra CM

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu advised his ministers and heads of departments to add human angle in implementation of various welfare programmes. Asking them to visit villages as part of Grama Darsini programme to interact directly with beneficiaries, he stressed the need for human angle to increase satisfaction level of people.

Citing an example of reaction of a woman beneficiary of Chandranna Bheema scheme in a recent grama darsini programme, he said that the narration by her on how she and her two kids were deserted by her family members when she lost her husband and how she regained confidence with sanction of Chandranna Bheema moved the entire gathering at the meeting.

He said consoling the family members of victims and handholding is necessary. He said that delivery mechanism should be fool proof and the benefits of welfare schemes should reach the last mile.

The Chief Minister asked the officials to develop village tourism packages. He said the village tourism help to increase rural economy and attract more number of tourists. He said village tourism make life more fun and attractive as one can get more happiness while moving around lush green fields. He said as complete data is available online the Heads of Departments should visit the villages and streamline the delivery mechanism to increase the satisfaction levels of people.

Minister for Finance Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said festival occasions should be used to bring people together to increase communal harmony. He said awareness programmes should be created among common man on the welfare programmes being implemented by the state govt.


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