Congress gives high priority to opposition unity

Congress had endorsed the sentiments of all opposition parties that it should not insist on Prime Ministerial candidate at this stage and first to concentrate on unity among them realizing that their “primary job” is to defeat the BJP. Formulating its 2019 election plan, it has decided that the contentious issue of Prime Ministerial candidate can be decided after the elections depending on the seats each party will get.

Sensing the ground realities that it alone can not defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi or BJP, the party has already started consulting other opposition parties so that to finalize seats adjustments ahead of poll schedule. The party is particularly focusing on three major states, where BJP had won maximum seats in 2014, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra, as they would be crucial to defeat bjp an where several regional parties are having good presence.

If the opposition succeeds in reaching seats adjustments in these states, so that to put single candidate against BJP, Congress leadership is hopeful it would be easy to defeat BJP. It is confident that on its own it can put a major challenge to BJP in states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisghar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Haryana. The party is also hopeful to have seats adjustments with other parties in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

With this strategy, the party is hoping that it can improve its seats share significantly, which would automatically strengthen its claim for Prime Minister candidature in post-election scenario.

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