Delay in Chandrayaan 2, a setback to India

The postponement of ambitious lunar probe mission, Chandrayaan-2 says to be a major setback to India’s space programme. This mission has hit another roadblock due to technical glitches and has been postponed for next year.

After several delays, the launch date of Chandrayaan-2 was earlier set for  October, but it has now been shifted February next year. This delay seems to be makes India to lose its prominence in this area and is likely to give Israel a chance to become the fourth country to make a soft landing on the moon’s surface.

Israel, through a non-profit group named SpaceIL, plans to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon on February 13 in the first landing of its kind since 2013.

So far, only three countries – the US, Russi and China – have successfully landed rovers on Moon with last being China’s Chang’e 3 in December 2013. If ISRO is successful in its ‘Chandrayaan-2’ mission before February, India will be only the fourth country to do so. Otherwise, this credit may goes to Israel.

According to ISRO, Chandrayaan-2 is a “totally indigenous mission comprising an orbiter, lander and rover”. The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft weighing around 3,290 kg would orbit around the moon and perform the objectives of remote sensing the moon.

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