In Telangana, only 35 % mothers gives their first milk

Expressing dismay over recent figures that explain the pathetic condition in giving breast feeding, Dr Diniesh Kumar Chirla, Director, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, deplored that in Telangana it was found that only 35 per cent of mothers are giving their first milk.

He flagged off a cycle rally organised in Hyderabad from Gachibowli stadium, observing World Breast Feeding week. The rally was intended to promote and to create awareness among people to encourage breast feeding by mother immediately after child’s birth.

Dr Dinesh Kumar advised mothers that the first milk comes out with one hour of delivery known as colostrums contains rich in protein and antibodies that will help give a baby great start. He also advised the mothers to set aside several misconceptions that exist in their mind over breast feeding.

Referring to one such misconception milk came in frist hour is quite thick and in yellowish colour is not good for baby, he asked mothers to continue the feeding as long as they are allowed to do.

He further said that brest feeding will further reduce the chance of getting cancer and will also allow a pregnant womne’s body to restore normalcy after delivery. Breast milk will improve IQ of baby and also develops immune system that can fight with allergies and other diseases, he added.

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