Mamata’s heir apparent Abhishek !

Though all-powerful West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Benerjee is not married and till now no one claiming to be her successor in her party, her nephew Abhishek Benerjee seems to be quickly emerging as her heir apparent.

The 30-year-old politician, who had won from Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha constituency, in 2014 polls, is succeeding in evolving as a potential heir of Mamata within a very short time and playing crucial role both in her government and also party.

His growing clout was witnessed last month when his five-year old Azaana Banerjee birthday was celebrate in a grand way, on July 25. On that day there were almost no TMC MPs to be seen in Parliament. Even TMC leader in the Rajya Sabha Derek O’ Brien was also missing, as Mamata’s brigade had flown to Kolkata to attend the birthday party.

The turnout at the party, which included state ministers, leading bureaucrats and the Who’s Who of Kolkata indicated very clearly that Abhishek is Mamata’s heir apparent. The birthday, incidentally, was celebrated at P C Chandra Garden, a venue so large it is normally used for hosting marriage receptions and major events.


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