Enhancing Tissue Nutrition can cure many diseases – Are you aware of this?

We all need health and we put in a lot of effort to maintain good health. We try to eat healthy, exercise, meditate etc. But still we land in some or the other disease.

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Why is that?

  • Polluted air: We breathe, exercise and do Pranayama with ‘Polluted air’! Where can we run away from this, especially city dwellers
  • Polluted or lifeless water: We use RO filter and strip water of the essential minerals needed for the body
  • Toxic Food: Most of the food that we consume is loaded with pesticides, insecticides, coloring agents, preservatives, and sometimes even adulterated
  • Stress: Any form of mental stress reduces the optimal functioning of every organ


Is it possible to maintain good health despite above factors? YES, it is possible! It is possible to achieve and maintain excellent health with Tissue Nutrition Enhancement.

What is Tissue Nutrition Enhancement?

​When we hear the word ‘Nutrition’, we only think of food and eating. What we don’t know is that the food we eat may not reach our body at all! We are also ignorant about the fact that we have ways to make our body increase absorption and ensure nutrition reaches the tissue which needs it the most.


​This is where the role Evolve Antiaging Clinic comes in. By enhancing tissue nutrition many acquired chronic diseases can be cured and some can be well controlled & maintained.  To quote a few Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis [100% successful in avoiding knee replacement], Osteoporosis, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Acne, increased cholesterol levels, Prostate hypotrophy, Hypothyroid, PCOD, Infertility [even where IVF has failed], Type 2 diabetes etc can benefit with this method.

​ Enhancing tissue nutrition gives antiaging effects without any surgical procedures, botox or dermal fillers. ​Sports people can enhance their performance. Healthy people can improve their stamina & immunity when they embrace this approach.

The Approach

At first the detoxification should be done to eliminate toxin or toxins in the patient’s body.Then a check is done to find out which nutrient has deficiency and should be supplemented. Later on with the use of phytonutrients (plant nutrition)we work to enhance the absorption of nutrients from food. This will allow the body to become free of disease. That is why we use different methods in the Evolve Anti-Aging Clinic.

-Dr. Phani Renu


About the Doctor
Dr. PhaniRenu completed her MBBS from Mysore University and later did a Post-Graduation in Medical Cosmetology. She runs Evolve Anti-aging Clinic to enhance & maintain youthful looks & cure chronic diseases through tissue nutrition enhancement – exactly the way she worked on herself in curing her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She treats many elderly citizens and helps them lead a pain free life. One of the best advantages of her therapy is “No Side Effects” [other than glowing skin & youthful looks!] Visit Evolve Antiaging Clinic and experience it yourself.

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