Opposition to choose Vandana Chavan

The opposition parties are mostly likely to put NCP member Vandana Chavan in the election for the post of Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha, to be held on Thursday. However, a final decision is yet to be announced. The opposition is hopeful that she would get the support of all opposition parties and even a few of NDA allies.

Her name was proposed by BSP leader Satish Chandra and seconded by TMC leader Derek O’Brien. Congress also endorsed her name. Opposition is hopeful that BJP’s allay Shiva Sena also may supports her. Elected to Rajya Sabha in 2012, she was earlier Mayor of Pune.

The Congress, which with 51 seats is the largest opposition party, had not named a candidate to signal its willingness to work for the common goal to defeat the BJP in next year’s general elections. It suspects that some of non-UPA parties like TDP may not like to vote their candidate and may not have the unanimous support of opposition parties.

However, BJP seems to be confident to get over with its candidate. It is confident of getting support of its allies Shiva Sena and Akali Dal, besides TRS and AIADMK, which will give it 125 votes. BJP is projecting Harivansh Narayan Singh, a 62-year-old first-time MP from JDU.

To win in the 245-member house, a candidate needs 123 votes, but any abstention will bring down the majority mark. If the Akalis (3 seats), Shiva Sena (3 seats) and Naveen Patnaik’s BJD (9 seats) abstain, the NDA numbers will be down to 110, when the majority mark will be 115.

The opposition has 119 seats — including TDP, YSR Congress, AAP and PDP, who have indicated that they will support the opposition candidate. The DMK is also expected to support the opposition.

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