Shiva Sena leads among regional parties in donations

Among regional parties, who declared donations received by them during 2016-17, Shiva Sena leads with Rs 25.65 cr from 297 donations followed by AAP, which has declared receiving Rs 24.73 cr from 3865 donations. SAD declared receiving Rs 15.45 cr. These three parties alone received 72.05 % or Rs 65.83cr of the todal donations received by regional parties.

According to a report prepared by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), the total amount of donations declared by Regional Parties, including both above and below Rs 20,000, was Rs 91.37 cr, from 6339 donations.

AGP, SAD, JDS, MNS and AAP saw the maximum percentage increase in their income from donations between 2015-16 and 2016-17. Donations to AGP increased by 7183%, followed by SAD for which it was 5842%, and JDS that saw an increase of 596%. Amongst the top five parties, only Shiv Sena saw a decline in the donations received from 2015-16 by 70% or Rs 61.19 cr.

Election Commission of India’s notification, issured on Aug 29, 2014, it was stated that “…no tax deduction shall be allowed on the contributions made in cash by any person or company to a political party”. This notification was applicable for donations made from 2014-15 onwards. But, the Regional Parties have declared receiving Rs 3.09 cr from 1919 donations via donations in cash.

Maximum donations in cash was declared by AINRC, which collected a total of Rs 65 lakhs, followed by AGP with Rs 41.2 lakhs and NPF with Rs 41 lakhs.  Among all the states, donors from Assam made the highest donations of Rs 72.7 lakhs in cash followed by donors from Puducherry who donated a total of Rs 65.3 lakhs in cash. Donations worth Rs 60 lakhs in cash did not have address details.

Regional parties have declared receiving the highest amount of money or Rs 20.86 cr from Delhi, followed by Rs 19.7 cr from Maharashtra and Rs 9.42 cr from Punjab.   35.67% or Rs 8.82 cr of the total declared donations to AAP was received from abroad.

Out of 25 Regional Parties who had declared receiving donations, 18 parties, have declared donations of donors without their PAN details.    Rs 23.08 cr or 25.26% of the total amount of donations do not have PAN details.   It is to be noted that parties like BPF, MGP, PMK, RJD and ZNP who have declared 100 percent donations, have not provided PAN details of even a single donor in their donations statement.

It is seen that AAP declared receiving Rs 8.82 cr from abroad out of which PAN details are not available for donations amounting to Rs 8.32 cr. ADR seeks that parties not adhering to the deadline fixed by the Election Commission of India should be penalized by making them liable to pay tax on 100% of their income from various sources.

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