Bengaluru women fears daily harassment

An overwhelming majority of women, that too astonishing  figure of  over 90 per cent, feel Bengalure is not secure to them to move freely in the city. More than 90% of the 3,000 girls and women living in Bengaluru said they fear daily harassment, including lewd comments, inappropriate touching and other forms of sexual assault, in public spaces.

Such disturbing facts were revealed by ‘Save the Children’ from its report on ‘The Issue of Safety of Girls in Karnataka’ based on an online survey. The more shocking trend is that nine out of the 10 respondents, including women and men, said they would rather not report any harassment to the police.

A large number of people, both males and females (almost seven out of 10 girls/women and six out of 10 boys/men) feel that girls generally do not know about helplines such as the Childline.

Moreover, more than 86% of the respondents said they feel unsafe while using public transport, especially when alone. Further, eight out of 10 women fear to talk about abuse or fear of abuse as they believe it would prompt their families to place restrictions, a factor that makes them suppress their unpleasant experiences.

Fewer males (about 4 out of 5) as compared to females (around 9 out of 10) feel that girls are harassed on social media.

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