Indian women may ends child bearing at 30 years of age

Dr Preethi Reddy, Consultant – Infertility, Fertility Centre by Birth Right, cautioned that various study results are pointing to a conclusion that Indian women are designed to start and finish child bearing at 30 years of age ideally. Making a presentation at CME program on “Poor Ovarian Reserve”, on the problem of over ageing, at Rainbow Hospitals in Hyderabad, she expressed concern on decreasing capacity of producing fertile eggs in Indian Women.

During the Discussion, experts express worry over the recent research studies that found that Indian Women are attaining Ovarian Aging 4 to 5 years earlier than Western Women.  Furthery, it was pointed out that Ovarian Reserve is fast depleting among women is a reason to worry.  According to them the life style changes are one main reason among women.

Women undertaking stressful jobs, smoking, consumption of alcohol, prolonged use of Oral Contraceptive Pills and other life style changes are some of the causes that seem to be forcing women to attain early Ovarian Aging, they explained.

Dr. Ratna Durvasula, Consultant Infertility, suggested that women must consult a doctor if they fail to conceive to understand the exact reasons and also if they have identified family history of Ovarian Failure i.e. premature menopause. She suggested that the college going girls must be educated on issues related to fertility is very important and need of the hour.


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