Opposition unity is about dynasties, not development : Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ridiculed the idea of Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) by the opposition parties and lamented that it was all about dynasties and not development. In an interview to a news agency, he also made a snide remark by saying, “the only question is whether they will break up before the election or after?”

Strongly targeting Congress president Rahul Gandhi, he asked “the Congress President tried his best to provoke people against GST during Gujarat elections, why did the people reject him?”  Asserting that the NDA coalition is intact and also strengthening furthter, the Prime Minister refer to recent two developments. They are  No- Confidence Motion in the Lok Sabha and the election for the Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha.

“The outcome of both these events should indicate which coalition is intact and which is falling apart. In fact, we got support even from those parties which are not our allies. BJP has consistently expanded its base over the recent years among the people and welcomed more allies to the NDA family”, he added.

On the BJP-PDP alliance, Modi said that after the death of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed there were hurdles in the fulfilling the expectations of the people and that is why without casting an aspersions the BJP opted out of power.

Also disputing with opposition’s charage that his government failed in providing jobs to youth, Prime Minister asserted that more than 1 crore jobs have been created in the last year alone, thus the campaign that jobs have not been created must come to a halt.

He has ruled out the possibility of the removal of caste-based reservation and assured that reservation is here to stay. Let there be no doubt about it, he added. Referring to  increasing crime against women and incidents of lynching,  he pointed out that his party has been clearly speaking against such cases. Terming such incidents unfortunate, Modi said, “Everyone should rise above politics to ensure peace and unity in our society.”

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