Rahul warns Siddaramaiah’s `dissident’ activities

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is learnt has `practically’ warned former chief minister Siddaramaiah against involving in `dissident’ activities in the state. As JDS chief HD Devigowda and Chief Minister Kumaraswamy seems to be leaving no opportunity to `down grade’ Siddaramaiah’s influence over state politics, due to older enmity with him, who was earlier a key person in JDS, During personal intervention at recent Congress Working Party meeting, Rahul said to be indicated that the Congress party is not in a position to take up such issues at this stage. Rahul’s warning gaining significance against the background of BJP’s attempts to lure few Congress MLAs so that to replace the present coalition government in the state.

In clear terms, Siddaramaiah was said to be advised not to involve in any form of activities, which may leads to destabilize the Congress-JDS coalition government in the state.  It may be recalled that Siddaramaiah has been openly expressing displeasure over functioning o the coalition government and several Congress MLAs, who failed to get ministerial positions, said to be close to him,  are accusing that Chief Minister is not heading to their requests  in the allocation of funds or transfer of officials.

Indicating that Congress high-command is not in a position to involve in such `pretty’ issues, Rahul said to be advised to focus on `larger interests’ of the party, keeping in view of 2019 polls and not to send any wrong signals to other opposition parties in the country that Congress behaves like a `big brother’ with allies.

However, Rahul admitted that Siddaramaiah can continue holding meetings with Congress ministers and MLAs. But he cautioned that such activities should not give an impression that he is trying to encourage dissident activities. All the contentious issues between two alliance partners should be resolved amicably and no one should go to media on such issues.

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