Indians Disrupt Pak sponsored Pro-Khalistan Event

A group of Indian citizens in the UK, along with the members of the Overseas Friends of the BJP, Indians have disrupted a Pakistan sponsored pro-Khalistan event in London. This was organisd demanding a separate Sikh state, aiming at to organise a referendum for the same in 2020. They raised slogans in support of Khalistan and against Indian government.

However, a pro-Indian group, consisting of few Indian citizens in the UK, along with member of the Overseas Friends of the BJP (OFB), sang patriotic songs and danced to the accompaniment of loud dhols. They also held placards, including some with images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This has led to disruption of the meeting.

Pakistan-origin Nazir Ahmed, member of the House of Lords, was also present at the event and declared his support for Khalistan “for my Sikh brothers and sisters”. Recently Indian intelligence agencies had managed to get critical documents from the computer of a senior Pakistan Army official, which give detailed insight into Pakistan’s Khalistan plan.

More than 2,500 pro-Khalistan supporters gathered to issue what the organiser, US-based Sikhs for Justice, called a “London declaration” to hold the “referendum” in 2020. Many travelled from other parts of Europe and elsewhere for the event, with some participation by UK-based groups.

OFB president Kuldeep Shekhawat taking strong exception for the British government to allow such an event on its soil, said that allowing the event betrayed Britain’s “hidden agenda” to support Khalistan and Pakistan.

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