No chance for Modi to become PM again

Congress Party chief Rahul Gandhi ruled out the possibility of Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister again. Asserting that BJP would not even get 230 Lok Sabha seats in 2019 polls, he said then there was no question of Modi becoming Prime Minister again.

During an interaction with editors while concluding his two-day visit to Hyderabad, he said that the BJP tally would be cut primarily due to the alliance among non-BJP parties in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. However, he avoided a direct response on the question of Prime Ministerial candidate, if the BJP is defeatd. He simply said they would worked it out.

With regard to alliances with other parties, Rahul said that respective state party units are free to form alliances taking into consideration the prevailing political scenario in their state. He is confident that Congress will return to power in Telangana and it would certainly improves its position in Andhra Pradesh. On the issue of his marriage, he avoided a direct reply by simply stating that he is married to the party.

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