UAE forum to develop islands in Krishna river

A delegation led by Business leaders’ forum president Ram Buxani of UAE came forward to develop two islands of Krishan river near Andhra Prdesh’s proposed new capital city Amaravati. The forum of Ministry of Economy UAE and Indian Embassy and Consulate General in UAE offered proposals to develop PGA state Golf Court, Hotel complex, Convention centre, recreation villas and apartments in nearly 500 acres of both the islands.

Later they signed an MoU with Govt of AP in the presence of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Naidu asked them to come back with proposals and made it clear the project should be completed as a time bound project. The officials informed the Chief Minister that there is a chance to develop 7 islands in Krishna river out of total 14 islands.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister has directed the Amaravati Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) officials to beautify Krishna river bunds down stream Prakasam barrage in Vijayawada. He suggested construction of a platform and national flag at the central point of river bed and beautification of bunds on both sides.

He said an atmosphere should be created to provide an opportunity for the relaxation of people in the evenings. He asked them to prepare proposals
to beautify the bunds of Krishna river and three canals passing through the city.

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