Priyanka to make her relationship official!

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who has been maintaining silence on her relationship with US singer Nick Jones, has finally decided to make it official tomorrow in a grand ceremony. Hectic speculations are spreading in Mumbai film circles since Nick was spotted at Mumbai airport last evening with his family members.

Nick was clicked walking out of the airport with his parents who looked quite excited. It is beleived that Nick  has come along with his parents to meet Priyanka and her family.

Meanwhile, Priyanka is also said to be making preparations for a grand ceremony so that to formally announce on their relationship. It was speculated that recently she had her engagement with Nick, on her birthday  and her photo carrying engagement ring was also spread over social media.

She is expected to host a party with the who’s who of the film industry on her guest list. Speculations also spreading stating that she  has booked 200 rooms in a hotel for the guests, many of whom are arriving from the US.

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