BJP war rooms functions in most of states

BJP is getting ready for general elections on war-foot in the background of speculations that polls are likely to be advanced and to be held along with four states elections, scheduled for December, this year. Though on one hand, the party is also gearing up its poll machinery for simultaneous polls to atleast a dozen of states along with Lok Sabha polls, keeping in view of Election Commission’s preparedness, the party is setting its move to face any eventuality.

Till now Congress party is maintaining a `war room’ at its president Rahul Gandhi’s residence to get prepare on cricial issues, focusing on poll preparatins. Though BJP has developed extensive mechanism in this regard, it became the first political party in the country that is setting up `war rooms’ in almost all states.

The central war room has already started working with about 300 persons, who are working on a 360-degree campaign for the next election. Now `war rooms’ are functional in most of the states from August 15 and in the remaining states also they are getting ready. They will be stregthened as per needs as polls are closer. They will feed region-specific data to the central war room that has come up at the BJP’s former headquarters on 11, Ashoka Road in Lutyens’ Delhi.

The BJP moves are intended to decentralize its poll mechanisms and also mould in each state keeping in view of local scenarios and requirement. The ultimate destination will be to keep active track of each polling station in the country. The party is seemingly stretagically moving to address each and every voter, giving personal touch, so that to influence polls with out depending on mere personality of its tall leaders.

However, according to BJP sources,  the war rooms in each state will be of different scale. The layout and requirement of these war rooms finalised by the BJP leadership lists certain specifics – one calling agent for every 500 ‘shakti kendra’ (cluster of 2-3 booths) chiefs; three data-entry operators and one supervisor each; a workstation measuring 3×3-feet for every staff member; hardware such as laptops, colour printer, server room, and an Internet lease line of 10mbps speed; a meeting-cum-training room; and a small cabin.

These war rooms are expected to create a database of voters and share specially designed campaign material and the tour dates of senior leaders with them through email and social media.


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