Gautam Gambhir to contest from BJP!

Criketer Gautam Gambhir is all set to join politics and is ready  to contest the next general elections from Delhi as a BJP candidate.

Gambhir is known for his strong nationalistic views that he often shares on social media. The cricketer is being considered by the BJP to bolster its standing in the national capital.

Though Gambhir is yet to retire from the game, he might accept the invitation to contest the elections and take up a new challenge outside the pitch. A motivated individual, he has often batted for welfare work for the general public, including several donations for the army personnel.

As of now, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is having considerable influence among Delhi voters. BJP, which is trying to break AAP’s political dominence, is making effots to bring some celebraties as its candidates for the forthcoming elections.

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