10 % floods-victims likely to become mentally ill

There is a danger of over 10 per cent flood-victims could become mentally ill. This warning was given by doctors of the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru.

They made this observation referring to  the total population affected by the loss due to floods in Kodagu of Karnataka and Kerala. However, they assured that this could be brought down with timely medical intervention and support.

The Kerala Government has already approached the Department of Psychiatric Social Work of NIMHANS, to help flood victims cope with distress. Presently as many as 14 psychiatrists are deployed in 14 flood affected districts of Kerala and another team of 20 psychiatrists and clinical psychologists were dispatched today.

A team of four NIMHANS staff  also will be sent to Kodagu. According to Head of the Department Dr K Sekar, it was a long route to recovery for those who lost everything in the floods.

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