Modi’s Rakshabandhan gift to Gurajat sisters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today offered 1.15 lakh homes as`Rakshabandhan gift’ to the sisters of his state Gujarat. He dedicated these houses built under Pradhan Mantri Awar Yojana in different places of the state in Jujwa village of Valsad district witnessing e-gruhpravesh of the beneficiaries.

Interacting with the beneficiaries of the scheme through video video conferencing, he said “More than one lakh families have got their own homes today. For the women in these families, it is like a Raksha Bandhan gift. Let me tell you that your brother is very satisfied with this.”

As the festival of Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, he said that  nothing can be better than getting a house as a gift. “It is my dream, it is our endeavour to ensure that every Indian has his own house by 2022”, he added.

Stating that many wonder over the quality of PMAY houses, Modi said that this was possible because the Katki-company (kicks backs company) has been shut. He asserted that for every rupee disbursed from Delhi, they are ensuring that 100 paise reaches the villages. He said. He said that his government is working to eradicate poverty and to empower the poor.

“We are working to fulfill your aspirations in a time-bound manner. By 2022, when India completes 75 years of Independence, there should not be a single family without a home,” he added.

People from five districts of South Gujarat were connected through a video link to the main event in Valsad. On a day-long visit to Gujarat, he attended multiple events throughout the state. He also lay the foundation stone of the Rs 586-crore Astol water project for supplying drinking water in village of Kaprada and Dharampur talukas of Valsad.

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