Rs.600 crore release only as advance to Kerala

The Government of India has clarified that Rs.600 crore released to floods-hit Kerala was the advance assistance only and additional funds would be released from National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) on assessment of the damages as per laid down procedure.

Rs 600 crore was released, in addition to Rs.562.45 crore already made available in State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) of the State. In addition to the financial support, Centre has made available large quantities of emergency food, water, medicines and other essential supplies, including additional allocation of food grains, as requested by the State.  In supplying these materials, normal rules and procedure have been set aside in view of emergency nature of the requirement in Kerala.

The Centre has provided urgent aid and relief material in a timely manner and without any reservation to the State. The situation has been regularly monitored by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on daily basis.

On his instructions, the National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC), under the Chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary, regularly monitored and coordinated rescue and relief operations by holding daily meetings from Aug 16-21, 2018. Senior officers of Defence Services, NDRF, NDMA and Secretaries of Civilian Ministries attended these meetings. Kerala Chief Secretary participated in these discussions through video conference.

Following the decisions taken during these meetings, Centre launched massive rescue and relief operations. In one of the largest rescue operations, 40 helicopters, 31 aircraft, 182 teams for rescue, 18 Medical Teams of Defence forces, 58 teams of NDRF, 7 companies of CAPFs were pressed into service along with over 500 boats and necessary rescue equipments.

They successfully saved over 60,000 human lives by rescuing them from marooned areas and shifting them to relief camps. Defence aircrafts and helicopters have made 1,084 sorties of duration 1,168 flying hours and airlifted 1,286 tonne of load and carried 3,332 rescuers. In addition, a number of Navy and Coast Guard ships were pressed into service to carry relief material to Kerala. The search and rescue operations and mobilisation of resources alone would cost the Central Government hundreds of crore of rupees.


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