BJP keen for potential allies in South

After sensing that it is going to lose considerable number of sitting Lok Sabha seats in northern states, the BJP is now focusing southern states seeking potential allies so that to coverup northern losses. In fact, immediately after taking charge as BJP’s president Amit Shah said that he would focus on improving party’s prospects in southern and eastern states- over 125 Lok Sabha constituencies, where BJP didn’t won even once.

He also revealed his plans to focus on these states aiming at bringing the party into power in atleast four states-Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, while making it as a major opposition in West Bengal and Kerala.

He succeeded in making the BJP as a major opposition party, replacing existing CPM and Congress parties in West Bengal. The party also succeeded in improving its strength in Odisha. Bue in Kerala, it could only get the party first time enter state assembly winning one seat. Its all-out efforts failed to regain power in Karnata, though suceeded coming close to the majic mark. However, the party is yet to evolve as a major political force in Andhra Pradesh, Telangan and Tamil Nadu.

The five southern states — Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala — and the Union Territory of Puducherry together elect 130 MPs to Lok Sabha. Despite its stunning performance in 2014, the BJP could win only a total of 20 seats from these states. Seats from southern states have become more crucial for BJP’s aim to return to power.

BJP’s efforts to take advantage from the political lul created following the death of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa also failed to yield results. It is still in search of a potential allay. First, it focused on AnnaADMK, later on superstar Rajanikanth’s proposed new party and finally now exploring avenues to reach out DMK. The recent warm gestures between the BJP and DMK have left political watchers confused.

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