India-Male relations turn tense after Swamy’s tweet

The relations between Maldives and India turns tense following a controversial Tweet by BJP MP Dr Subramanina Swamy, calling for “invading” the island nation of the polls are “rigged”. The polls in Male are scheduled next month. The Maldives government said to be taken serious note of Dr Swamy’s tweet.

According to sources, the Maldives Foreign Secretary Ahmed Sareer has summoned Indian High Commissioner Akhilesh Mishra, last Sunday and conveyed Male’s “displeasure” at Swamy’s tweet. The Maldives government has also submitted a demarche to the Indian government, where it expressed shock at the statement.

The meeting was ahed of Male’s meeting with ambassadors from seven countries, who were briefed by the government about the upcoming elections in Maldives on September 23. It may be recalled that last Friday,  Swamy had tweeted “India should invade Maldives if rigging of election takes place”. The tweet included a link to a Maldivian news report on a meeting between Swamy and former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed in Colombo early last week.

However, immediately Indian Ministry of External Affairs’s official spokesperson Raveesh Kumar had clarified that it was not the view of the government. He said “The opinion expressed by Dr Swamy in his tweet is personal. It does not reflect the views of the Government of India.” The same view point was said to be conveyed to Male official Sareer too by Mishra.

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