Actors and actresses should get same fee

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has deounced prevailing pay parity in the film world for male and female artists and strongly advocated on the need that both actors and actress should get same fee.

In an interview, he said first we has to accept the reality that it is a male-dominated industry. But, he said that he would love it to be different. There should be no disparity. A male actor and a female actor should get the same fees – why is it different, I don’t know, he added.

From the begining, SRK has been always trying to ensure that he and his co-stars are on an equal footing. In 2013, he announced that the heroine’s name would appear before his, in the film opening credits. This began with Chennai Express, which starred Deepika Padukone.

However, at the same time he made it clear that  no actor – male or female – should over-estimate their performance. No individual – be it director or actor – should burden the film’s expense by charging an amount that goes beyond the performance of the film’s opening weekend.

Recently, Deepika is beleived to be the first actress was paid more than her male co-stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor for Padmaavat. She was paid Rs 12 crore for the film, whereas before that, she used to charge Rs 8-10 crore for a film.


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