NDA got Rafale aircraft deal by 20% cheaper : Arun Jaitley

Accusing Congress of “peddling untruth” on the Rafale aircraft deal, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today asserted that the present NDA government has negotiated hard to keep prices down by at least 20 per cent for each aircraft as per 2016 deal, compared to that of the UPA in 2007.

In a Facebook blog, alleging that the “false campaign” by the opposition party and its leader Rahul Gandhi was seriously compromising national security. he said that each of these aircraft were coming fully loaded and the deal is between government to government without involving anyone in between.

He said that if in 2012 they had come to an agreement, the first would have been delivered in 2017. From 2007 to 2017 the escalations would have gone up, along with a foreign exchange variation.

Jaitly detailing the price structure said that the orginall offer of 2007 had a basic 2007 price plus escalation plus currency variation. In 2015 or 16, this would have been 9 % costlier than what the basic aircraft price of 2016 negotiated was?, he asked.

Stating that the Rafale controversy was based on “complete falsehood”, he said it was expected from national political parties and their responsible leaders to keep themselves informed of the basic facts before they enter a public discourse on defence transactions.

Challenging the Congress party to produce evidence that the deal was not good for the country, he  attacked Rahul Gandhi for twisting the facts of the deal.

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