A day of Awareness about Government Loans, Schemes and Programmes for SC/ST and Dependents of Safai Karmacharis

August 30, 2018, Bengaluru: NSC-Pro-IPC conducted its flagship awareness programme “SC / ST & Dependants of Safai Karmachari’s Entrepreneur Startups Awareness Conference 2018” today at Dr. B R Ambedkar Bhavan, Millers Road, Vasanthnagar, Bengaluru from 10:00 AM to 5:30PM.


The programme gave awareness on all Schemes and Programmes of Central & Karnataka State Governments available for SC/ST community and Dependents of Safai Karmacharis to become Self-employed, Entrepreneurs or to Scale-up existing businesses.

Heads and Resource Persons from various Government Departments and PSUs had participated in the programmed and spoke on opportunities, schemes, loans and other training and learning support provided by them.

The programme was inaugurated by

  • Shri P C Mohan, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Bengaluru Central
  • Shri Jagdish Hiremani, Honourable Member, National Commission for Safai Karmachari, Govt of India.
  • Smt Poornima Prakash, Independent Director, HHEC- Ministry of Textiles
  • Shri K V Nagendra, Director, NSTFDC
  • Shri B N Sudhakara, Director, MSME, Bangalore
  • Shri K S Shrikanth, Deputy Manager SIDBI
  • Shri K M Jagadish, Joint Director, DIC
  • Shri Bhojraj, President, Laghu Udyog Bharati
  • Shri Siddalingappa B Poojar, Joint Director, DIC
  • Smt Kokila, Branch Head, National SC/ST Hub
  • Shri Palani Velu, Chairman, NSC-PRO-IPC

Salient Points of each Speaker’s talk

Shri P C Mohan, Member of Parliament, Bengaluru Central
Shri PC Mohan spoke about how Shri Narendra Modi has transformed the country and brought in schemes which are benefitting the SC / ST community. He mentioned about availability of Mudra Yojana for small entrepreneurs and Standup india yojana for entreprenuers who want to grow big. He also mentioned about Jan Dhan Yojana which in a span of 9 months, about 32 crores of people have got bank accounts. By this direct subsidies are benefitting people.


Shri Jagadish Hiremani, Honourable Member National Commission for Safai Karmachari, Govt of India.
Jagadish Hiremani said “Departments will give you ingredients for a good recipe (business) but the responsibility is on the entrepreneur to use these ingredients to cool a very good meal (build the business)”
He mentioned of a Guntur based dependant of a Safai Karmachari who is a 10th fail and in 10 years built a 300 crore business. Opportunities are available for people to use and they should make use of all the benefits of new schemes and programmes that is provided by the Central Government. However before they do so, they need to reject the old and unwanted schemes that never benefitted the community.


Smt. Poornima Prakash, Independent Director, HHEC- Ministry of Textiles
Poornima Prakash mentioned that there are currently around 183 schemes available for women, SC, ST and OBC communities, however out of which 50+ are only active. The primary reasons why beneficiaries do not get grants are only because they do not submit right documentation required for the people to use. Many people do not know procedure or they are afraid to execute such documentation. However without documentation no department will be able to support the beneficiary.


Smt. Kokila, Branch Head, National SC/ST Hub
Smt. Kokila briefed about all benefits as provided by National SC/ST Hub in helping any SC/ST entrepreneur in marketing their business, She said “As part of Public Procurement Policy order 2012, all PSUs should allocate 20% of their procurements from indian MSMEs and out of this 20%, further 4% should be reserved for SC / ST entrepreneurs”. However she mentioned that due to un-availability of right information and database of all SC/ST businesses and entrepreneurs, these 4% have not been able to be fulfilled and hence there is a huge opportunity for SC / ST entrepreneurs to come forward and apply for this opportunity. She also mentioned that her department would be ready to support SC / ST businesses in preparing all necessary documentation on the same.

She also mentioned that National SC/ST hub provides support to SC / ST entrepreneurs in marketing support by reimbursing their Stall Charges and Travel charges in any Events organized across the country as well as for 2 international events in a year.

She also stressed on the point that Udyog Aadhaar is necessary to take benefits of all schemes and programmes.


Shri Palani Velu, Chairman, NSC-PRO-IPC
Our intention of NSC-PRO-IPC is to help people from SC and ST communities to get benefits from the reservations that are available for them. He said “We strive to get the schemes and programmes reach the right persons and setup industries so that they come up in life as well as give jobs to 10 more people from the community. Though there are lot of schemes and programmes, people are not aware of it or it is not being communicated correctly to them. We from the NSC-PRO-IPC will do all activities to ensure these grants, schemes and programmes reach the beneficiaries”.

Also Department Heads and Resource Persons from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Karnataka State Finance Corporation (KSFC), Departments off Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) and SIDBI spoke on various opportunities available in their departments that benefit of the SC/ST community.
The programme was attended by about 500 people from SC, ST, Dependents of Safai Karmacharis, OBC, and Economical Weaker sections, Various Start-up Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs and Small business owners (MSME) who want to expand to next level, Resource Persons of Public Sector Undertakings and Heads of Various Departments


About NSC-PRO-IPC & the Programme

  • National Scheduled Caste Constitutional Provisions, Implementation & Protection Council (NSC-Pro-IPC) is a NGO engaged in various awareness camps and conferences in and around Karnataka.
  • NSC-Pro-IPC has been fostering a fruitful culture of entrepreneurship and promoting innovation in the country
  • NSC-Pro-IPC have conducted SC/ST entrepreneur start-ups awareness programmes Belagavi, Vijayapura, Gulbarga and Bengaluru. Many have been benefited from these programmes and have become successful entrepreneurs.
  • This year, the programme is extended to provide benefit to Dependents of Safai Karmacharis, OBCs, Minorities and Economically Weaker Sections of the Society along with SC/ST community
  • The programme also looks to empower women entrepreneurs on self-sustainability and self-employment
  • NSC-PRO-IPC is led by Shri Palani Velu as Chairman of the NGO

For more information about the programme and various schemes, Contact Palani Velu at 9845052896

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