Pune police claims `incriminating evidence’

Though arrest of five activists by Pune police has been receiving condemnation from various quarters, including Supreme Court and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), besides opposition parties, Pune police strongly defending their, are claiming that they are in possession of ‘highly incriminating evidence’ against `urban naxalites’.

This evidence, the police says, establishes a link between the arrested activists and the Communist Party of India (Maoist), which was banned by the Congress-led UPA and declared a terror outfit in 2009. According to the police, if has found that “there was an elaborate communication between the CPI (Maoist) leaders and the arrested activists through e-mails and letters.

The police has said that these activists and the banned outfit were working to overthrow the country’s elected government. The evidence, it said, points towards the involvement of these activists in the conspiracy hatched by the banned CPI (Maoist).

Last evening, the Supreme Court had asked the police to place the arrested activists under house till 6 September, when the court will hear the case again. During the hearing, the Pune police had submitted multiple letters to the Supreme Court hinting at the involvement of the activists.

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