Sun-AP Ecopower to introduce battery based, energy storage solar products

Bengaluru, August 31, 2018: Sun-AP Ecopower, a Bengaluru-based engineering firm and Outback Power Technologies, member of the Alpha group, USA and world leader in solar storage solutions and inverters, announced their partnership today to introduce to Indian Market, state of the art Alino and Outback series solar products. The energy storage products use Lithium or Advanced LMLA batteries with high efficiency inverters of Outback. This helps promote distributed power generation & ensure uninterrupted power supply in rural areas or power deficit areas, making them compatible with solar, grid and battery. These products will be available across Karnataka now through a network of channel partners being set up by the company for doorstep services.

This partnership will enable solar installation companies and end consumers introduction to reliable, sturdy, rugged and field tested off-grid or hybrid inverters with advanced battery management systems to address power-cuts and power outages in the hinterland or power deficit areas with real time monitoring options. This solution owing to its energy storage capability is expected to ensure uninterrupted power in areas which are prone to natural calamities and other emergencies.

According to KS Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Sun-AP Ecopower, “The innovative and globally proven high technology Outback Inverters with energy storage will go a long way in helping customers to self-consume all the solar electricity they produce to offset their utility or EB costs, day and night, as well as power their way through protracted outages and emergencies enabling energy reliability and also visible return on investment over time.”


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