Telangana assembly dissolution tomorrow !

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is said to be in a hurry for dissolution of the state assembly, so that to have elections along with four other states, scheduled to be held in December. He has reportedly preparing for dissolution of the assemlby tomorrow, for which he had convened a cabinet meeting at 6 am, beleived to be an auspicious muhurtham for him.

Originally, he had earlier decided to dissolve the assemlby last Sunday, September 2, for which he sumoned the cabinet meeting in the afternoon, followed by a massive public rally named `Pragati Nivedana’ (progress report). But, he avoided from making any `political statement’, stating that he would come out very soon with sich a statement.

According to sources, he had avoided the same as he couldn’t get assurance from Election Commission of India (ECI) officials  to held assembly elections in December itself. State Government Advisor Rajiv Sarma and TRS MP Vinod Kumar, who were camping at New Delhi lobbying with ECI, had returned yesterday only reportedly with a positive signals from EC officails. Immediatley, Chief Minister started preparations to advance polls.

Originally, Telangana Assemlby elections are scheduled to be held in April/May, 2019, along with Lok Sabha elections. But, he is fearing that if Congress suceeded to win in one or two states in December, this year, that would boost their morale in Telangana also, giving confidence to come to power. As Congress is the main opposition party in Telangana, KCR didn’t want to give such chance for Congress and preferring to advance assemlby polls, before Congress morale reached at high peak.

Chief Secretary S K Joshi and other senior offials had met the Governer ESL Narasimhan last evening, reportedly discussed on issues related to dissolution of the assemlby. Later, Chief Election Commission of the state Rajeev Kumar met the Chief Secreatry seeking immedaite fillip-up vacancies in his office.

All the cabinet ministers were summoned to be present in Hyderabad city by tomorrow early morning. Last Sunday, Chief Secretary sent a circualr to all heads of departments asking them to submit proposals for all pending works by 4th evening, so that to be approved by the cabinet tomorrow.

According to TRS sources, tomorrow at 6.45 am, chief minister Chandrasekhar Rao and his  Cabinet colleagues will meet Governor ESL Narasimhan at Raj Bhavan to submit a copy of the cabinet resolution on dissolution of the state assembly.

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