KCR announces 105 Candidate

TRS chief and Telangana care-taker chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has created sensation once again by announcing party candidates for 105 constituencies, immediately after dissolution of the assembly. The total number of constituencies in Telangana are 119. He declared all sitting MLAs, except, two as party candidates for the forthcoming polls. He also expressed confidence that his party will win 100 seats in the forthcoming polls.

Two sitting legislators – Nallala Odelu from Chennur and Babu Mohan from Andhole – were not being renominated. “We have spoken to them and they agreed to be dropped,” KCR said. They will be replaced by Balka Suman (Chennur) and Chanti Kranti Kiran (Andhole).

Five members of the just dissolved Telangana State Legislative Assembly did not find place in the first list of 105 candidates.  The sitting member of parliament from Peddapalli constituency Balka Suman is being fielded from Chennur constituency. He is the only MP to be fielded to the Assembly.

The Chief Minister admitted that MIM, led by Hyderabad MP Asussudin Ovaisi is a secular party and his party is having friendly relations with that party. However, he said that candidates of both the parties will have `friendly contest’ in the polls.

However, he ruled out any relationship with BJP. Admitting that he is having cordial relationship with Narendra Modi’s government at the centre, he said it is a relationship related in between two governments and nothing to do at political or party level.

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