Bengaluru airport to use face recognition technology

The Bengaluru International Airport (BAIL) is set to become the first airport in the country to have an end-to-end solution for paperless air travel. It is planning to roll out face recognition facility for the passengers of select airlines in a bid to make the boarding process paperless.

The airport operator has inked a deal with Lisbon-based biometric solutions service provider, Vision Box, to implement this technology at the airport. The first phase of the implementation of the self-boarding technology will be complete by 2019. And passengers from Jet Airways, Air Asia and SpiceJet will be the first ones to use the technology.

The introduction of biometric self-boarding technology is aimed at transforming passenger experience and creating future-ready airport, it said, adding the move will also bolster government’s proposed DigiYatra project.

“Biometric technology will identify passengers by their face as they move across the Airport, avoiding stops and the repeated presentation of boarding passes, passports or other physical identity documents,” BAIL said in a press release.

Introduction of the face-recognition technology based self-boarding system will not only reduce the hassle at the airport but it will also help in boosting the government’s proposed DigiYatra initiative, which aims to develop a digital ecosystem at the airports such that passengers can use their Aadhaar numbers and phone numbers for entering the airport and boarding flights.

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