EC team to visit Telangana on Sep 11

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is moving fast after the Telangana assemlby was dissolved. It said that in view of the dissolution of Telangana State Legislative Assembly, the commission has decided to send a team of ECI official to assess the situation in the State on poll preparedness.

Under Secretary Pawan Diwan of ECI said the team of officers headed by Umesh Sinha, Deputy Election Commissioner will visit the State on Septemer 11 and submit its report to the ECI. The day after the Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana met with ECI officials, the team will arrive here to understand the ground situation for smooth conduct of elections to the State Assembly.

Meanwhile, Chief Election Commissioner O P Rawath said that the ECI is exploring the possibilities of holding elections to Telangana assembly along with four other assemblies, scheduled to be held in November. The election schedule for those assemblies will be announced in the first week of October.

In this regard, senior Congres leader Dr M Shashidhar Reddy was surprised that how Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao claim that the ECI would held elections in November. Stating that the Chief Minister makes this cliam immediately after recommending dissolution of the assemlby, stating that he had interacted with ECI officials, in a letter he sought `explanation’ of ECI in this regard.

Attaching KCR’s press meet youtube video to his letter, Reddy alleged that those claims giving suspecion that ECI officials had colluded with KCR to hold advance elections for Telangana assembly.

A lawyer in Hyderabad filed a petition before the High Court challenging the disslution of the assemlbly alleging that conducting elecitons in advance, seperately from Lok Sabha elections would cost heaviely to the state exchequre.

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