Rahul’s yatra turns into a talking point in social media

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s 12-day pilgrimage to Manasarovar, has become a talking point in the social media. He tweeted a video of the mountains with the caption, ‘Shiva is the Universe’. There were pictures shared by other trekkers of Rahul Gandhi during the Kailash Yatra and at the Manasarovar camp.

Rahul Gandhi is likely to cover a distance of 60 km on foot. Earlier, he put out pictures of the “tranquil and calm” waters of the lake and said there “is no hatred here”. Gandhi posted two pictures of the lake and its surroundings.

“The waters of lake Mansarovar are so gentle, tranquil and calm. They give everything and lose nothing. Anyone can drink from them. There is no hatred here. This is why we worship these waters in India,” he said on Twitter.

“A man goes to Kailash when it calls him. I am so happy to have this opportunity and to be able to share what I see on this beautiful journey with all of you,” Gandhi tweeted. Gandhi left the national capital on August 31 for undertaking the Yatra.

After former BJP MP Tarun Vijay reportedly tweeted supporting Gandhi’s pilgrimage in the face of criticism of the same by a section of the BJP, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala congratulated Vijay for speaking the truth.

Surjewala took to Twitter to say, “Tarun Vijay ji, keep your spirits high and stand with the truth fearlessly. Whatever you wrote about Rahul Gandhi on his Kailash Yatra, you deleted it out of fear of the establishment. ‘Satyam, Shivam Sundaram’. Shiva is the truth. Mahadev will keep showing you the path to truth and falsehood will be destroyed.”


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