Modi government undermining values of democratic polity : Manmohan Singh

Indicating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been adopting dictitorial tendencies, former prime minister Manmohan Singh came heaviley on the present government accusing that the Modi government has slowly but surely undermined the values that any democratic polity should fiercely protect.

Releasing a book titled “Shades of Truth” by former union minister and Congress leader Kapil Sibal, he hoped this is the beginning of the national debate that everyone needs.

In a scathing indictment of the Modi dispensation, Singh said key national institutions vital for good governance are experiencing unprecedented new strains, India’s neighbourhood is far less secured than it was in 2014 and its ties with neighbours deteriorated in the last four years.

“Our neighbourhood is far less secured than it was in 2014. Our relations with neighbours have deteriorated in the last four years. Modi government has failed to address issues relating to a creative use of science and technology for national transformation,” he added.

Singh deplored that Women, Dalits and minorities are increasingly living in an environment of insecurity. He expressed concern that nothing concrete has been done to bring back the promised billions of dollars allegedly held abroad as black money.”Academic freedom is sought to be curbed, the environment in our universities is being vitiated”, he added.

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