BJP says opposition is frustrated, no leader nor policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP senior leader LK Advani during BJP National Executive Meeting, in New Delhi, Saturday, Sept 8, 2018. Express Photo By Amit Mehra

The two-day BJP’s national executive meeting, concluded today in New Delhi, mostly focused attacking the opposition efforts to dethrone their government in the 2019 polls, stating that the opposition is frusrtated. It neither has leader nor policy and its sole agenda is to stop Prime Minister Modi.

The political resolution promised the nation that the new India will be free from terrorism, corruption and poverty. Referring to Narendra Modi’s regime, it mentioned taht lot of developmental work has been done in last four years, we will have new India by 2022.

Briefing the media after the party’s national executive meeting, Javdekar said the opposition’s hope to defeat the saffron party was a “daydream”.Stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had very high approval even after four years in power, he said Modi’s approval rating is more than 70%. “PM Modi and Amit Shah are a unique combination. Today 19 states have BJP with over 350 MPs and 1500 MLAs,” he added.

On the first day,  BJP chief Amit Shah dubbed the proposed grand alliance of the Opposition as an “illusion, eyewash and sham for fulfilling self-interest” and accused the Congress of ‘breaking India’, while the Narendra Modi government worked for “making India”.

He asserted that the saffron party would return to power in 2019 with a bigger majority than what it got in 2014. Launching a blistering attack on the Opposition in his inaugural address, the BJP chief said the “mahagathbandhan” (grand alliance) of his party’s rivals was for the sole purpose of “fulfilling self-interest”, adding that it had defeated each one of them in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Calling the Opposition “disruptionist”, its grand alliance against the BJP an “eyewash” and accusing the Congress of indulging in “breaking India”, Shah asked senior party cadres from across the country to highlight BJP government’s achievements in the last four years to counter the Opposition narrative. The BJP will win in all the 19 states where it is in power and will also do well in the Opposition-ruled states due to anti-incumbency, Shah claimed.

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