Has Trump sealed his own fate ?

Many observers in United States are surprised towards President Donald Trump’s contempt for John McCain, last week when the nation bid him emotional farewell. It was felt that though his attitude he had sealed his own fate.

It may be recalled that Trump had mocked McCain’s status as a prisoner of war, tortured in Vietnam. He had even mocked him for his vote against repeal of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), mimicking the disabled Senator’s “thumbs down” during his rallies. He has deliberately avoided mentioning his name this month when he signed a defense appropriations bill titled in McCain’s name. This despite the fact that Senator McCain was known by everyone to be dying of brain cancer.

Many observers in US felt that gestures of utter disrespect simply confirmed Trump’s lack of class and character, his behavior, while the nation focused on McCain’s funeral service and the impassioned speeches of former Presidents, exhibited a depraved indifference so profound that Americans everywhere will likely never forget it. Particularly in 60 days, when they go out to vote.

Last weekend multiple polls revealed Trump’s disapproval  registering an all-time high.  And while 60% of the voting public “disapproves” of him, a full 53 percent of the voting public actively despises him. Half of the voting public wants him impeached.  As reported in an (unusually caustic) analysis by the New York Times, Trump did nothing but cement those feelings in stone, and he probably made them worse.


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