Seeks political consensus on fighting terrorism

Prakash Singh, Former Director General of Police, UP, deplored that the absence of political consensus on fighting terrorism and said that it has been  adversely affecting country’s capacity to combat terrorism. Delivering Silver jubilee lecture of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), he stressed the urget need to strike a balance between the security concerns and the human rights considerations. It would be a sad day, if, at any stage, we win the battle of human rights but lose the battle to uphold the unity and integrity of the country, he added.

He expressed concern that there have controversies from time to time in this context. Incidents like over 2,500 writ petitions filed in the Supreme Court and Punjab and Haryana High Court against Punjab Police force after the defeat of terrorism in Punjab, he said resulting in huge demoralization of officers and men. He also referred to the recent controversy in the backdrop of July, 2016 Supreme Court Judgment against the Arm Forces in the matter of extra judicial executions in Manipur.

Stating that the voices of dissent coming from the Armed Forces in such an orchestrated manner have to be taken serious notice of, Prakash Singh said that the larger question of human rights in insurgency situations must be debated and discussed.

He said that India followed the concept of human rights since ancient times, which reflect in our Constitution and a number of special enactments to preserve and safeguard the basic human rights to life and liberty of every individual. He said that Government of India has been laying great stress on the observance of human rights by the security forces.

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